Before asking a question, please check the FAQ thoroughly! Although we love talking to you, there’s only 24 hours in the day so if these answers can help you that’s brilliant. If not, either email us through our contact form on the website or message us on Facebook. Although we do answer through our other social media pages, these are our main contact channels. Please note that any emails we receive where the question is already answered above will not get a response. Please do not email or ring any of the venues. Although they’ll try to help you as best they can, you’re best contacting us directly with your questions!
When on our homepage you can join the mailing list via the 'Sign In' section. Simply enter your name, email and the city you'd like to receive updates from.
Please go to the Private Events page & fill out the form to request a private party. Note: Please do not contact this email regarding tickets or any other matter in relation to a public event. This is for private bookings of 200 people plus. For these enquiries please use our contact form. Any enquiries about group bookings for public events will not be responded to.


We can’t tell you or it would spoil the surprise.
If you would like to leave a prize at any of our venues you will need to pick this up within in 48 hours of the event taking place. It is your responsibility to arrange this with the venue and neither us or the venues will be liable for any loss or damage which may occur.


Tickets are released at least a month before the events take place. Join the mailing list via to find out about dates.
We don’t allow tickets to be pre-booked to give everyone a fair chance at buying tickets.
We can’t commit to individually informing people when tickets come on sale due to the vast amount of requests we get a day. Once tickets come on sale, we announce the new dates on Facebook. You can be alerted every time we post by hovering over the like button on our profile and selecting notifications.
We do not supply guestlist tickets to any customers who have been unable to get tickets through our own website.
No, refunds will only be issued if we cancel an event which you have bought a ticket for.


We no longer take table reservations from customers. We do make exceptions for customers with special requirements. If you do have access or physical requirements please contact us through our contact page - *Please Note: for any requests of this nature, please contact us at least 7 days prior to the event your attending*. Our tables there to be claimed on a first come first serve basis. If you are coming as part of a large group or you would like to sit at the front, we suggest getting to the venue at 6pm
You will not be allowed into the venue early but you may bring decorations as long as they do not obstruct anyone’s view.


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