Bongo's Bingo Charity of the Month

Sahir House

Sept. 26, 2023

We are delighted to introduce our Charity of the month Liverpool’s Oldest and largest LGBTQ+ Charity, Sahir House.

Sahir House have been supporting people living with HIV and our LGBTQIA+ communities across Merseyside since 1985. Their history is punctuated by the strength, fortitude, creativity and togetherness of local queer trailblazers and sexual health activists.

The organisation holds a mission and a belief to deliver services that will guarantee better sexual health and wellness for all and serve the needs of LGBTQ+ people across Merseyside. The organisation serves a unique dual purpose- promoting better sexual health and wellness for all and supporting the needs of LGBTQ+ people across the region. They work to ensure that all local lives lost to HIV/AIDS will be remembered. Advocating that all stories of heroism, compassion, activism & love in the face of prejudice, stigma, inaction, and hate will always prevail.

They have seen a dramatic rise in people seeking their help and advice when critical fundraising efforts have been severely hampered. Regular funding for Sahir House existing LGBTQ+, Asylum Seeker, Refugee and Trans support services has been sorely absent for several years. This has led to a decrease in what they have been able to provide for the community at a time of increased demand for services.  They offer a wide variety support to help people deal with the personal and practical impacts of the life challenges and issues that they might be facing. The services they provide range from one-to-one support in the community to counselling, peer support and sexual health empowerment.

Services offered at Sahir House:

Hate Crime Reporting


LGBTQ+ Peer-to-Peer Groups

Advice Helpline

HIV Support

Equality and diversity training courses

Today, Sahir House can be found working across Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, and the Wirral – with a particular focus on people and communities who are vulnerable, underserved, and underrepresented.

At Sahir House, they credit the people that take form of who they are, from the beautiful people who use their services to their incredible staff and volunteers. They all understand the need to focus on the people who use their services. Which is why they look to empower them to lead on the decisions around the support they receive and value their lived experience.


This charity relies on donations and support from kind-hearted community members to keep their doors open.

If you would like to find out more about the incredible work Sahir House do, get involved, support or could benefit from the free services they offer you can find all this info on their website:

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