Sept. 8, 2023

Yes, we know it’s still technically summer and it’s been so hot that none of us have actually slept properly. 

But before you know it you’ll be dreaming of laying in the sunshine, instead, you’ll be defrosting the car, wearing shite jumpers and the big man will be down that chimney quicker than you can shout BINGO! 

With all that in mind, we’ve been super organised so that you can start to think about, plan and execute a night out with your friends, your work Christmas party, or if you feel like it, a night for yourself! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Provided you’re over 18, obviously.

And where else would you possibly go for a night out other than Bongo’s Bingo this Christmas?! Where else provides you with hours of pure nostalgic escapism, insane prizes, chaotic dance offs and more?..


Bongo’s Bingo is a night out recently described as “the most legal fun it’s possible to have.” Not our words, the words of Mike Bishop on Google Reviews

So this is on you, this is on you not to miss out, this is on you to indulge yourself. You deserve it and you bloody know it. 

If you’ve been before, come again. If not, come and pop your Bongo cherry! 

Queen and Elton John…

Ok, so we don’t have those lined up, we tried Elton but he didn’t answer. I guess that’s why they call it the blues. Not sorry. 

But what we do have is extra special shows; 

Bongo’s Can Rock You  (All locations, excluding Liverpool)

Step Into Christmas - Elton John themed shows with special guest Heather Small (Liverpool only)

These special shows will be stated clearly on the website and app. 

To find out more head to our events page and look up your nearest location: 

18+ only. T&Cs apply. See website for info.

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