Bongo's Bingo Swansea

We're coming for you!

Oct. 2, 2022

Bongo’s Bingo Swansea

Look, I think we at Bongo’s Bingo owe some of you a bit of an apology. For years now, we’ve sold out thousands of shows up and down the U.K. From as high up as Aberdeen to as low down as Bournemouth, we’ve tried to make sure we can bring our award-winning show to as many people as possible. 

However, it seems we have neglected a few of you along the way and for too long now, Wales has been without the ORIGINAL bingo rave phenomenon that is Bongo’s Bingo.

Well, we can’t stand around any longer and let this travesty go on. The time has come, Bongo’s Bingo is coming to Swansea!

Bongo’s Bingo Swansea - Saturday 3rd December

Sorry it took so long, but we’ve teamed up with Fiction Swansea to bring the nation's favourite bingo company to South Wales and give you a night that you’ll never forget.

You’ve tried the rest, now it’s time to try the best. 

If you haven’t been to Bongo’s Bingo Swansea before, you can expect:

Rave Rounds
Cheesy Sing-a-longs
Dance Offs
Sick Bongo’s Bingo Prizes

Bongo’s Bingo Swansea will be special, we can feel it already. Whether you’re looking for staff party ideas, the ultimate student night or even if you just want to know what the best thing to do in Swansea is this December, Bongo’s Bingo is the answer.

Get your Bongo’s Bingo tickets early for our launch show and let us show you what all the hype is about.

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