May 2, 2019

May 11th marks the annual World Buckfast Day, so naturally we're throwing the biggest and best Buckfast party known to man at Bongo's Bungalow. Luckily, you're invited!

It’s hard to think of two things better suited, more purely aligned as one common whole, than this. There is a substance embedded in the DNA of Bongo’s Bingo, a unique elixir which has been passed down through the generations, its recipe a closely guarded secret, its origins sacrosanct.  

 Jonny Bongo’s veins pretty much flow with the stuff, and for the other hosts and dancers it is the default tonic of choice, the titillating tipple which transcends moments, warps time and is the catalyst for some truly fruity moments the following morning, bleary eyed, memory wiped and tongue furred over.

 That’s right – we are talking about Buckfast aka Bucky aka demon juice aka party nectar. The defining drink which has been a true constant through Bongo’s Bingo’s evolution, the one constant through it all. And what better way to revel in its magic than at the annual World Bucky Day this Saturday May 11th - an occasion with more grandeur, mystique and pageantry than the Queen’s birthday, The Grand National and Christmas day combined – at Bongo’s Bungalow. Some parties simply cannot be missed under any circumstances.

 For anyone with a ticket to Saturday’s Bongo’s Bingo show, there’s a shot off Bucky waiting with the presentation of each ticket. On top of that, there’s a free shot of Bucky with everyone’s first drink. Over the weekend there will be some Bucky-inspired cocktails to savour. And Jonny himself and his dancers will be in attendance for pre-drinks.

Doors open at 12, see you there! 88.x 


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