How to win a Bongo’s Bingo dance off!

Always be ready to dance!

June 26, 2024

When you step into the electric atmosphere of a Bongo’s Bingo event, prepare yourself for more than just the classic game of bingo.

Picture this: you're fully immersed in the game, diligently marking off numbers as they're called. Suddenly, that magical moment arrives — you've got a winning card. With excitement coursing through your veins, you rise from your seat and scream  "BINGO!” But wait, in this exact same moment, another player stands up, yelling the same triumphant word. It's a deadlock, a double call. What's the solution? A DANCE BATTLE.


It's time to take center stage for the ultimate showdown: a dance-off. As you're called to the spotlight, determination fuels your every step. Failure is not an option; victory is within reach, and you refuse to return to your seat empty-handed. This is your moment.

With an iconic beat serving as your backdrop, every moment spent on the dance floor feels like a culmination of your years throwing shapes in the club. But even with your raw talent, a few expert tips can make all the difference. Drawing from our extensive experience witnessing countless dance-offs, we're here to supply you with the strategies you need to snatch the spotlight and emerge a champion.

TIP ONE: Bust out your best retro move.

When in doubt, be cheesy. The following classic dance moves, are a guaranteed crowd pleaser:

  • The Worm- It never fails. Lie down flat on your stomach, flex your toes towards your body, hands on the floor under your shoulders, kick your legs up, arch you back, rock forward and ROLL. 


  • The Robot- There is only a certain amount of time left you can throw out this classic before you get sued by AI. Maintain a straight face as you isolate your body and statically shift your arms into different positions.


  • The Sprinkler- The final boss of the dad dance. One arm behind your head, the other waving back and forth as if you're sprinkling the crowd with your infectious moves.


  • The Thriller- There is a fairly unknown music video from the 80s we found that can teach you this, but if you don’t have time to study the steps. Basically just swing your arms and pretend to be a zombie


  • The Two-Step- Simple but  effective. Step back, forward, and side to side, moving your feet to the rhythm of the beat.

TIP TWO: Be Entertaining

The audience holds the power to crown the champion. Entertain them. Embrace the spirit of Bongo’s Bingo. It’s all about immersing yourself in the crowd's energy. Much like our bingo dancers you don't need to be Billy Elliot to make the audience fall in love. Just let loose, be yourself & make them laugh.


TIP THREE: If you’ve got it. Flaunt it.

Consider yourself a bit of a pro? Harness your skills to impress—throw in a cartwheel, maybe even the splits, or dare I say, a backflip (AT YOUR OWN RISK). Show them exactly why skipping dance class was never an option for you.


TIP FOUR: Have Fun

We admire your competitive drive; it's what sets you apart. You're a born winner and we are rooting for you.  But remember no love was ever lost where fun was had. You will never forget the moment you danced your heart out over a henry hoover in front of 1000 people. Enjoy every second.



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